Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dewberry Farm

We had a blast on our annual fall field trip to Dewberry Farm.  It's an amazing place, made even more enjoyable by experiencing it with so many friends!
Ready for the corn maze!

Brady leading our way (Dawson ran off with some friends).

Hiding in the corn.

On the hay ride with my cutie!

Proud of the mini pumpkins that they picked out.

On the rope bridge of the fort playground.

Brady taking it easy for a while.

Swinging from hay mountain.

Stuck in a spider's web.

Cutie, cute, cute!

All aboard Brady's train.

Brady decided that this train would take us to Disney World.

Loading up onto the cow "train."

Brady having fun on the see-saw.

"Jumpy pillows."

Brady's big jumps.

Dawson leaping on the big pillows.

Zip line!

Brady hiding under the bench while the big kids did the zip line.

Brady and friend Lincoln posing on one of the pig statues.

Lincoln and Dawson racing down slide mountain.

Rubber duck races.

Fascinated with the baby chicks.

Magic "cool" bus.

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