Friday, November 2, 2012

Washington on the Brazos Homeschool Day

A few families from our homeschool group participated in Washington on the Brazos homeschool days program.  We love Washington on the Brazos and were excited to have a good reason to visit again.
Waiting for at the history farm for our tour to begin.

Brady, Dawson, Wesley, and Lincoln.

What's more exciting than a game of tag by the cacti?

Listening to what life was like on the farm.

Doing some laundry.

Wesley and Dawson playing a game of checkers.

Brady found a little house for himself.

All the kids were given the task of picking some grass for the chickens, which they were all thrilled to do.

Dawson and Wesley gathering big bunches of grass.

Cotton pickin' time.

Dawson's handful of cotton (and Brady showing me his little pod).

Lincoln, Dawson, and Wesley waiting to see the turkeys.

Brady hot and tired.

One of the many turkeys at the farm.

He was very tame and friendly and happily walked around letting all the children pet him.

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