Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Family Visit

We enjoyed a family visit from Granny, Elizabeth, Bobby, Chance, and Caselyn.  It was especially nice to have all the cousins together.
Pizza night!

What visit to Huntsville is complete without a trip to the Prison Museum. ;-)

Locked up!

Posing with Sam Houston's giant head, of course.

Brady and Caselyn at the base of Big Sam.

Dawson, Chance, Brady, and Caselyn.

Silly faces with Granny.

Me and my boys.

Just swingin'.

Goofy faces.

Kids in a pot.

Ready for a state park hike.

Caselyn and Brady were speeding ahead and would then hide behind trees, waiting to jump out and scare the others.

Adorable Caselyn.

Checking out Brady's collection of colorful leaves.

Brady and his pretty leaves.

Brady and Granny talking as they hike.

Chance telling Brady what a great time he's had on this visit.  He was so sweet to Brady the entire weekend.

Elizabeth and family, plus Brady.  :-)

Ready for supper at Olive Garden.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Brady's Ocean Blue Song


Dawson standing at the edge of our driveway as a river rushes by.  The creek that runs through the lot across the street flooded, which sent torrents of water down our street almost flooding the RV and truck that were parked in the road.  Dawson just thought it was cool.  :-)


Lego Crane

Brady amazes us with his Lego creations.  This one is a crane (it even has the crane operator at top) and the construction scene below.


Ninja Dawson and Spiderman Brady.

At the SHSU Fall Festival.

Apple toss.

Tombstone bowling.

Trying to throw a spider through the web and into a bucket.

It's a football ninja.

Pumpkin ring toss.

Two ninja warriors - Teddy and Dawson.

Dawson announcing himself and costume and the costume parade.

Brady at the costume parade.

Garner / Hendricks Camp Out

For our 2nd Garner / Hendricks camp out we wen to the gorgeous Martin Dies Jr. State Park near Jasper.  We biked, hiked, played yard games, played board games, went on a scavenger hunt, went canoeing, cooked out, roasted marshmallows, carved pumpkins, and had an altogether wonderful time!
Dawson relaxing outside the RV with a good book.

Brady on a bike ride with me.

He had to stop and examine a seed cone.

Walking around the campground.

Making silly faces.

And cute faces.

Awe, holding hands as they walk.

First nights campfire with the Hendricks.

Yummy, a Reese's smore.

Of course they would use their water bottles as light sabers.

Brady and Dawson playing outside Saturday morning.

Ben joining in on the fun.

Painting egg cartons various colors for a scavenger hunt (they then had to find objects that matched the color and put them in their egg carton).

Brady supervising Jackson's egg carton painting.

Egg cartons all lined up.

Raccoon prints on our tablecloth!

Heading out for a nice 2 mile hike.

The bridge over to the "island trail."

View of the beautiful lake and fall trees.

It was such a pretty place!

The only thing that could make the scenery more gorgeous is this guy!

Hiking buddies.

Brief stop at a bench along the trail.

They managed to find something of each color to fill their egg cartons.

Brady and Ben playing Robot Uno.

Nic and Dawson playing badminton.

Randy and John relaxing while the kids play.

View from our canoe.

Another view from our canoe - the Hendricks clan!

Brady's jack-o-lantern.

Dawson's jack-o-lantern.

Second night's campfire.  Poor Ben was so tired.  Dawson was so attached to his pumpkin he brought it with him to the campfire.

Brady took this picture of his jack-o-lantern enjoying the nice, toasty fire.

It's the headless horseman!

Taking his head off.

Mini-me copying his brother, being the headless horseman.

Doing a sticker book together on the ride home.

Exhausted after a weekend of camping.