Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Year's Eve Countdown

This year for New Year's Eve, we had a kid's version of the big countdown.  We started with some New Year's crafts, then all gathered around and counted down to 12:00 noon, which was followed by a big balloon drop, lots of horn blowing, bubble wrap stomping, and all around celebrating.  Afterwards, we had a New Year's feast and toasted to the upcoming year with fun champagne (plastic) cups.  It was such a special and fun time that we plan to make this New Year's party a yearly tradition.
Friends gathered for a New Year's Eve celebration (Hannah, Amos, Dawson, Cy, Seth, & Brady - not pictures are Wesley and Andrew).

Making New Year's resolution hand print wreaths.

More resolution wreath making.
Dawson and Hannah, both so adorable.
Filling their ribbon spools with beans to make noisemakers.

Sweet Brady making his noisemaker.
Let the feasting begin!!

Amos was so cute with his attempts to blow the horn.

Dawson and Seth blaring their horns at each other.

Super happy Wesley!
A video clip of the countdown.

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