Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Mario Sleepover

For Dawson's 8th birthday party, we had a Super Mario party sleepover.  We made almost all of our own decorations, planned some Mario themed games (goomba stomp, yoshi egg hunt, question cube punch, and Mario musical chairs) to earn gold coins, then cashed in coins for prizes at Mario's Shop.  The boys then made their own pizza at Luigi's Pizza Kitchen, enjoyed some question cube cake and star cookies, and then played several Mario Wii games before heading up to bed.  It was a very special birthday party - the best ever according to Dawson.
A Mario birthday banner and boo's.

Mario mantle, complete with piranha plants, blocks, question cube, and a Mario puzzle that Dawson completed, glued, and framed.

The Mario Shop with various Mario themed prizes.

Star cookies and question cube cake.
Dawson and friends ready to get the games started!!
Excited to get some prizes after all the games and coin grabbing.

Luigi's Pizza Kitchen!

Such a funny supper - saying all kinds of silly things and laughing uproariously.

Opening presents.

Blowing the candles out on his cake.

Let the Wii games begin.

Mario Kart time.

Love this picture of these 4 amazing boys!!

Sunday morning breakfast.

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