Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Fun Day with Kaelin

A special day with our special friend Kaelin:
Kaelin & Dawson at Pump It Up.

Trick time!

Kaelin down the slide.

I love Brady's exaggerated reaction to zipping down the slide!

So happy!  I love it!

Brady going through the obstacle course.

Kaelin speeding through the obstacles.

Hopping down the slide.
Brady's favorite game at Chuck E. Cheese - "the pirate wheel."

He got 100 tickets!!!

Roller coaster buddies.

Yum, pizza!
The rock wall at Northshore Park.

Dawson making his way all the way around the top.


Herding the ducks.

Look at them!  They are just so darn cute together!  Oldest, bestest friends.

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