Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fort Wilderness Campground

After our stay at the Pop Century Hotel, we spent 3 night at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground.  It is a beautiful campground!!  The sites were spacious and shaded and wonderful.  There are paved trails throughout with lots of people biking on them.  There were lots of rentals available - bikes, canoes, kayaks, motorized boats, and golf carts.  The pools were incredible - big twisty slides at the big pools and a fantastic pool playground area for younger kids.  There were also great playgrounds, neat country stores, and a wonderful homecooking-style restaurant (the sweet tea was addictive).  Each night there was a campfire event with Chip and Dale, complete with fire lighting and smores roasting, singing and dancing (there's nothing more fun than a lot of kids doing the chicken dance), and an outdoor movie.  We definitely want to stay at Fort Wilderness again!
Playing checkers outside the country store.

Going for a walk.

No walk is complete without a walking stick, especially one that is even bigger than you!

Brady playing at one of the playgrounds.

Heading to the pool.

Dawson at the top of the slide.

Coming down!

Brady ready to go with his pink floatie.

Much fun at the kids water playground.

He singlehandedly stopped the water.  ;-)

We were chosen as "the magical moments family" to help bring Chip & Dale to the stage!!  It was very exciting.  :-)
Brady holding Dale's hand and chatting with the Disney employee as we wait for the signal to go to the stage.

Being silly at the Contemporary boat dock while we wait for a boat back to Ft. Wilderness.

On the boat back to the campground. So cute and sweet!

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