Saturday, May 25, 2013


Our last stop for our Florida vacation was to Fort Meyers Beach.  We stayed at the Red Coconut RV Park, which was right on the beach!!  We parked right on the beach, which was amazing!  The sand was white, the water was greenish, the shells were prolific, and the animals were incredible.  We swam in the Gulf, dug and built and played in the sand, collected multiple bags of sea shells, saw pelicans swoop down and scoop up fish right in front of us, and even had a dolphin swim within 10 yards of us.  So many wonderful beach memories from the 2 days we spent here. 
The view from outside our RV.

Venturing into the water together.

Brady had so much fun jumping and splashing in the waves.

And lying in the water.

And sitting in the water.  ;-)

Dawson out in the deeper water.

Good times splashing together.

Getting ready for the next wave.

AWE!  Our adorable beach boys!

Laughing together.

Picnic by the RV.

Looking for sea shells and sea creatures.

Collecting shells.

One of the many pelicans that would swoop down in front of us.

Digging a massive trench.

So cute with his little bottom showing (giggle, giggle).

"Muscle man" bringing buckets of water to fill up their pond.

Splashing in the pond they created.

Enjoying one last walk on the beach before we had to leave.

Good-bye to Fort Myers Beach!

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