Sunday, May 26, 2013

RV Road Trip

This was our first major road trip in our RV, traveling from Texas to Florida and back.  Thankfully, all went remarkable well.  It was a really great way to travel with kids.  They could spread out and relax, they played games, read books, drew and colored, played with various toy figures, built Lego creations, and watched some movies.  We could also get snacks, prepare and eat lunch, and go to the bathroom without stopping.  Randy drove the entire way there, and most of the way back, but I did put in a few hours behind the wheel (my fingers ached from gripping the wheel so hard and I was especially nervous during a section of construction with huge cement barriers on one side and cars on the other side - yikes).  We had good times driving in our RV and look forward to many more cross-country road trips and family memories in this fun mode of vacation travelling.
Randy ready to begin the long drive.

Co-captain ready!

The excitable Brady excited to get going.

Having a snack and reading some books.

Reading to Brady (thankfully reading in an RV doesn't make me carsick).

Watching a movie.

Playing a Mario game on the DS.

The chair was Dawson's favorite spot.

Playing Legos at the table.

Making sticker creations.

Watching a movie before bed on the final night.

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