Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July Parade

Some pictures from our neighborhood 4th of July parade, one of our favorite 4th of July traditions!!
Brady and Dawson, looking very patriotic on their decorated-for-the-parade bikes.

Wonderful friends - Cy, Seth, Brady, and Dawson.

Cute boys, lined up and ready to bike in the parade.

Good buddies, Wesley and Brady.

Dawson won first place in the bicycle division.

Brady just happy to be there.  He is so darn cute!

The mass of kids (and their parents) getting ready to ride.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Camping at Lake Sommerville

We've been enjoying exploring Texas state parks in our RV.  Our most recent visit was to Lake Sommerville SP.  The sites were great!  Relatively flat (which is a big plus with an RV), spacious, and lots of forestry between sites so that they seem secluded.  The trails were a little disappointing (very overgrown, not clearly marked), with the exception of the big trail that connects the 2 Sommerville parks (which provided a lovely run for me one morning).  The roads were excellent for biking and we did a lot of biking throughout the park.  We also enjoyed lots of wildlife viewing - deer, rabbits, various birds, and water moccasins (okay, we didn't really enjoy that last one - the several that we saw).  It was a beautiful state park and we had a wonderful time.
The boys ready for a hike.

Dawson and Brady leading the way.

Ducking under a tree that fell across the trail.

Snack time!

Dawson was my bike buddy!  We biked for miles, up and down hills, through all areas of the park.

Another bike ride - this time all together.

Playing badminton in the road in front of our campsite.

Brady goofing off while decorating our area with his sidewalk chalk art.

The most fun we had was with our water guns.  The whole family joined in on this game and had fun attacking and squirting each other.

Lots of laughs during water fun.

Some relaxing time cooling off in the RV with a good book.

Carefully coloring.

Randy taking a brief nap.

Playing a game of Quirkle.

Scout Camp

Dawson had a blast at his 2nd year at Scout Day Camp!!  Here are a few pictures from the days that I was able to be there with him:
Looking forward to an exciting day.

Planting his group's flag in the sand - the "Roaring Lionfish."

Playing a game of tether ball.

This was Dawson's favorite - a game of Frisbee, played much like a football game.

BB guns.

One of his targets.

The Roaring Lionfish heading to their next activity.

Learning how to carve using a bar of soap.

Staining a trophy stand that they built.

Showing off their gliders.

Seeing who can throw their glider the highest.

Spider race.

Spider partners, Lincoln and Dawson.

Relaxing under the Pack 98 tent during a brief break.

Group photo at the beach.

Big water relay on the last day.

Dawson running the relay - they had to run to a bucket of water, soak their sponge, then run back with the sponge over their head, and squeeze all they could into their team's bucket.

Big spray down - a good way to end the week of camp.

Water Balloons

Water balloons are a staple of summer fun at our house.  We love them!  The other day we thought of some different ways to pop them - batting them off a tee and whacking them with rackets.  Good times!


Turtle Brady

In his "shell."

Out of the shell.  ;-)