Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Scout Camp

Dawson had a blast at his 2nd year at Scout Day Camp!!  Here are a few pictures from the days that I was able to be there with him:
Looking forward to an exciting day.

Planting his group's flag in the sand - the "Roaring Lionfish."

Playing a game of tether ball.

This was Dawson's favorite - a game of Frisbee, played much like a football game.

BB guns.

One of his targets.

The Roaring Lionfish heading to their next activity.

Learning how to carve using a bar of soap.

Staining a trophy stand that they built.

Showing off their gliders.

Seeing who can throw their glider the highest.

Spider race.

Spider partners, Lincoln and Dawson.

Relaxing under the Pack 98 tent during a brief break.

Group photo at the beach.

Big water relay on the last day.

Dawson running the relay - they had to run to a bucket of water, soak their sponge, then run back with the sponge over their head, and squeeze all they could into their team's bucket.

Big spray down - a good way to end the week of camp.

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