Friday, August 2, 2013

Bowling Party

One of Dawson's oldest and very best friends, Seth, had a bowling themed birthday party at Huntsville Lanes.  Thanks to Seth's fabulous and creative mom and a group of the absolute sweetest kids around, it was an amazing party!  We love Seth and loved celebrating with him.
Dawson with the birthday boy.

Brady hanging out, waiting his turn to bowl.

Dawson's cute backside as he bowls.

Brady's funny little bowling position.

Cake time!  And what an awesome cake it was, courtesy of crafty birthday mom, Tonia.

All the party kids!

Silly bowling pose.

Perfect view of the personalized shirts all the party-goers received.

The "young kids" at the party, Cy and Brady, with Amos being silly in the background.

Moms at the party - Angie, me, and Tonia. Thankful for the friendship of these incredible women!


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