Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lego Birthday Bash

For Brady's 5 year "friend party" he chose a Lego themed party, which is very appropriate for him because he is a Lego fanatic!  We enjoyed celebrating with some very special and sweet friends.  We had crafts (make a Lego head and decorate a Lego man/woman), games (Lego bowling, Lego bean bag toss, Lego search and rescue, Lego dig, Lego construction, and Lego treasure hunt), a piñata, and snacks.  It was a fun morning celebrating Brady!
Snack table.

The party room.

Sweet brothers.

Cupcakes with chocolate Lego minifugures and blocks.

Craft table.

Making their guess as to how many Legos are in the vase.

Lego bean bag toss.

Lego bowling.

My super duper helper!  Dawson helped me set everything up in the party room.

The birthday boy playing a little hide-and-seek before friends arrived.

A great picture of Brady and Randy! Awe!!!

The lovely Kaelin!

Brady and his buddy Wesley (they are only 5 days apart in age and have been friends since even before they were born).

Silly and adorable Amos.

Tonia and Angie - amazing, beautiful, sweet friends!

The two dads at the party - Randy and Paul.

Super Dawson, looking very sweet and handsome!

Brady, the soldier boy.

And Brady as a silly Superman.

Doing some crafts.

Wesley's Lego head.

The sweet Heinemann family.

Kaelin's Lego head and Lego girl creation.

Soldier Kaelin.

A very intense Wesley Lego soldier.

Super Wesley!

Soldier Andrew.

Cute Super Andrew.

Love Cy's soldier expression.

And Amos being silly behind the Superman cut-out.

Bowling time!

Wesley knocked down several pins.

Laughing at Seth's crazy bowling skills.


Brady giving Amos his prize for the bowling game.

Lego bean bag toss.

Wesley attempting to get a bag into one of the holes.

Lego Dig - digging through the gazillions of Legos to find a minifigure and win a prize.

Seth and Cy searching for a Lego minifigure.

Literally hanging out at the playground waiting for the piñata to be strung up.

Adorable Brady with his adorable Lego head piñata.

Brady taking a whack at it.

Action shot of Cy's super swing.

Amos is right on target.

Seth bashing the piñata.

Kaelin's turn.

Dawson at bat.

One of the final hits that bust it wide open.

Singing happy birthday to Brady.

Present time!

The oh-so-cute shirt that Tonia made for Brady.

"This one is shaped like a bat."

It was a Lego head water bottle!!  So cute!

Fascinated with some Turbo racers.

Glasses straw - that's going to be fun.

The big present from Dawson.

Amos loved playing with the squinkie Ferris Wheel that Kaelin gave to Brady.

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Rebecca said...

So sorry we missed it! It looks like it was fun. Great party planning, Mom!! And... no one beats Amos when it comes to throwing a ball... no one. :)