Friday, August 2, 2013

San Antonio Children's Museum

This was likely our best time at the San Antonio Children's Museum, mainly because we were one of the few people there.  It's an awesome museum, often very crowded, but we lucked out this time and came on a day when there were NO school or daycare groups - so fabulous!  :-)
I always have to get a picture of the boys in the trolley.

Cranking balls up to the big ball drop container.

And there they fall!

Dawson inside a giant bubble.


Brady making a Brady-sized bubble.

And just looking so cute!

Building a course for their boats to flow through.

Milking a cow, of course!  It is a working model - water is squeezed out when done properly.

Yee-haw!  Farmer Brady bringing me some farm fresh eggs.

Testing out his tower to see if it can withstand an earthquake.

Racing Lego cars.

Shopping at the big (and bereft of other customers - yea!) H.E.B.

Ready to check out his bounty.

Dawson doing one of the things he loves most - playing cashier.

Brady's turn as the checker.

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