Sunday, September 1, 2013

Brady's 5th Birthday!!!

Brady's 5th birthday was a very special one.  He woke up at the San Luis hotel, we surprised him with a few gifts at the hotel, then on the way home we stopped in The Woodlands for a few special birthday activities (Barnes & Noble, Build-A-Bear, Toys R Us, and Incredible Pizza).  We had set up Brady's birthday presents at home before we left, so when he walked in the door he was excited to see a special display of presents, balloons, and a birthday sign.  It was an exciting and memorable day, and in Brady's own words, "the best birthday ever." 
5 years old!

Birthday presents at the hotel.

From Dawson - super hero book and action figures.

Opening more presents.

Helping to stuff his bear.
He wanted to make a Darth Vader bear, which he named Darth Bear.

His birthday prize bag from Incredible Pizza (they also gave him a birthday sticker and let him spin the prize wheel - he won a $5 game card).

Cruisin' in the Incredible Pizza car.

Playing one of his favorite games, the popcorn game.

Birthday surprises at home!

Tearing right into the presents.

Both boys happily surprised with this gift - a star wars toy.

So cute!!  Smiley Brady with his smiley Mike (from Monsters University) pillow.

Excited about a new Lego set.

His fun Lego sets from Gramps.

The happy birthday boy, ready to open his last present.

Another Lego set, this one a Lego Monster Fighters Frankenstein set (weird to me, but completely exciting to Brady).

Birthday cupcake and song.

Blowing out his 5 candles.

San Luis Hotel

We love when Randy teaches at a conference at the San Luis Hotel!  We would never stay here otherwise (way too pricey).  We really enjoyed our time at this luxurious hotel.
Happy to be at the hotel.

Sweet, handsome brothers!

We had to wait a while for a room, and while we were waiting Brady occupied himself with a sticker book.

Dawson read and Randy did some work via his phone.

Brady loved the Macaw!!  He remembered it from our stay here 2 years ago and was most looking forward to seeing "that talking bird" again.  We visited him multiple times each day.

The hotel pools are fantastic!  Dawson especially loved the slide.

And they both enjoyed the cool cave.

Watching a pigeon that visited our balcony.

The boys in front of our 15th floor balcony - handsome guys and a beautiful view.

Beach Time

We were happy to be staying right across from the beach.  Spectacular views from our hotel room, and easy access to beach fun for the boys.  Our first day at the beach was a rainy one, but we were in swimming suits and getting wet in the water so we didn't let the rain deter us, and we had a great time (though it was a little chilly).  Our second day at the beach was sunny and beautiful.
Brady playing in the mud.

Enjoying the "rivers" that were running through the beach area.

Being his usual cute, silly self.

Dawson's favorite thing to do at the beach is to venture out to the big waves and to jump and dive into them.

Dawson enjoying the waves.

Thumbs up for a sunny beach day!

I barely got Dawson in the picture  he's at the tippy top, lunging into the waves.

Brady liked sitting on the beach and letting the waves wash over him.
Drawing in the sand.

It's hard to see, but he wrote his name (and then the names of the whole family).

A trip to the beach is not complete without feeding the seagulls.

Laughing as the gulls swarm them and catch food in midair.

Rainforest Cafe

Galveston's Rainforest CafĂ© is our favorite!!!  We go here every time we are in Galveston.

Mini Golf

A highlight of our Galveston trip was our minigolf experience.  The boys loved the elaborately designed holes.

Moody Gardens

While in Galveston, we were fortunate enough to get FREE tickets to Moody Gardens!!  We visited the Aquarium Pyramid, Rainforest Pyramid, rode the paddle wheel boat, and saw an IMAX movie - and we enjoyed all of it.
Being silly.

At the seal and sea lion peek-through window.

Close encounters.

In the neat water tunnel.

Shark cage!

Watching the penguins - probably our favorite.

Still watching the penguins - we did this for a while.

Silly faces.

Cute tin man and scarecrow.

Ready for the IMAX movie.

On the paddle wheel boat.

Rainforest Pyramid.

Dawson and Randy exploring the rainforest.

Adorable Brady.