Sunday, September 1, 2013

Brady's 5th Birthday!!!

Brady's 5th birthday was a very special one.  He woke up at the San Luis hotel, we surprised him with a few gifts at the hotel, then on the way home we stopped in The Woodlands for a few special birthday activities (Barnes & Noble, Build-A-Bear, Toys R Us, and Incredible Pizza).  We had set up Brady's birthday presents at home before we left, so when he walked in the door he was excited to see a special display of presents, balloons, and a birthday sign.  It was an exciting and memorable day, and in Brady's own words, "the best birthday ever." 
5 years old!

Birthday presents at the hotel.

From Dawson - super hero book and action figures.

Opening more presents.

Helping to stuff his bear.
He wanted to make a Darth Vader bear, which he named Darth Bear.

His birthday prize bag from Incredible Pizza (they also gave him a birthday sticker and let him spin the prize wheel - he won a $5 game card).

Cruisin' in the Incredible Pizza car.

Playing one of his favorite games, the popcorn game.

Birthday surprises at home!

Tearing right into the presents.

Both boys happily surprised with this gift - a star wars toy.

So cute!!  Smiley Brady with his smiley Mike (from Monsters University) pillow.

Excited about a new Lego set.

His fun Lego sets from Gramps.

The happy birthday boy, ready to open his last present.

Another Lego set, this one a Lego Monster Fighters Frankenstein set (weird to me, but completely exciting to Brady).

Birthday cupcake and song.

Blowing out his 5 candles.

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