Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Family Visit

We enjoyed a family visit from Granny, Elizabeth, Bobby, Chance, and Caselyn.  It was especially nice to have all the cousins together.
Pizza night!

What visit to Huntsville is complete without a trip to the Prison Museum. ;-)

Locked up!

Posing with Sam Houston's giant head, of course.

Brady and Caselyn at the base of Big Sam.

Dawson, Chance, Brady, and Caselyn.

Silly faces with Granny.

Me and my boys.

Just swingin'.

Goofy faces.

Kids in a pot.

Ready for a state park hike.

Caselyn and Brady were speeding ahead and would then hide behind trees, waiting to jump out and scare the others.

Adorable Caselyn.

Checking out Brady's collection of colorful leaves.

Brady and his pretty leaves.

Brady and Granny talking as they hike.

Chance telling Brady what a great time he's had on this visit.  He was so sweet to Brady the entire weekend.

Elizabeth and family, plus Brady.  :-)

Ready for supper at Olive Garden.

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