Friday, November 1, 2013

Houston Zoo

What a fun and fabulous trip to the Houston Zoo!!!  It was one of those perfect days - great weather, lots to see and do, and incredible friends to share it all with!
Heading into the zoo (Lucas, Dawson, Brady, Nikolas).

Looking at all they want to see and do on the map as we wait for the rest of our friends to arrive.

About half of the homeschool clan that joined us for the zoo field trip.

Looking at the lemurs.

They were very playful and active while we were there.

The baboon coming over for a closer look at us.

Lots of giggling about his very colorful bottom, by the children and adults alike.

Comparing hand sizes with other primates.

Happy, smiley Dawson.

So cute - the orangutan holding her baby.

My little orangutan.

Gorilla, meet Brady.

Listening to all the different sounds gorillas make.

Through the cave!

Super cuties!

They were all excited to see the giraffes.

Playing African drums.

Hanging out in the hut.

A good picture if not for an interfering hand.  ;-)

Love this one!!!  Estelle and Dawson.

Brady in the piranha tank.

Just hanging out amidst the piranhas.

Estelle, taking some notes on the jellyfish.

What can I say, other than they are so stinkin' cute!

A hippo ate Brady!

Posing with the giant rhinoceros coming out of the wall.

Hooray!  Train ride time!

Beautiful Brady.

Handsome Dawson.

Silly boys ready to go!

A great way to end our trip to the Houston Zoo.

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