Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014!!!!

It was another great Christmas for the Garner boys.  I hope they realize and appreciate how very blessed and loved they are with so many people showering them with gifts.
Christmas at Gramps's house.

A Wubble Bubble ball and some cool magnetic-y sand from Chance & Caselyn.,

A whole crew of Skylanders from Gramps.

Christmas presents from Nanny.  We were sad she wasn't here to see the boys open them - they were so excited and happy and have enjoyed the great gifts from Nanny!

Playing the Minion Battle Pod game from Nanny.

Building Legos that they got from Nanny.

Brady is ready to open his one Christmas Even present.

It's Star Wars Legos!

Dawson ready to open his Christmas Eve gift.

Wow, what happiness at getting an Animal Jam book.

Christmas morning stocking and their "Santa" gift.

Dawson's stocking loot.

Hehehe!!  Brady showing off his stocking treasures.

Brady opening up his present from Dawson - it's an Imaginext set, always a favorite around here.

A huge tub of Legos!  Now Brady can make even more of his personal creations.

Star Wars gifts - a R2-D2 lunch cooler that lights up and makes those cool R2-D2 beepy sounds, and a set of Star Wars glasses.

This is silly, and cute, and good fun - you can record a message and when the eye senses someone walk by it repeats the message.

Be-do, be-do, be-do!  This thing is awesome!!!  It makes the "be-do" sound, of course, lights up, and says more than 20 other silly, often gibberish, Minion things.

A BB gun!

Something else for Brady to build and create with.

Both boys checking out the little Mario figures.

Is there a cuter 6 year old on the planet?!?!

I love them - big, fuzzy bear house shoes!

A Skylander character.

Taking a break to build a Lego set.

How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2 - both excellent movies.

Shocking - another Lego set for the Lego Master.

A pair of Pocket Fishing Poles.

Look at that face!  He was so excited to get another cool Lego set, and this was one he had "always wanted."

Opening a present together - it's the complete "What's in the Bible" series with Buck Denver.

Another happily shocked and thrilled expression from Brady - this one for a set of Star Wars Angry Birds.


Who is that behind the Minion face?

Our own cute little minion!

Pok√©mon cards!  I don't get it, but it thrills Dawson.

The last present.

What he wanted more than anything else - Benny's Spaceship!

So Handsome

Love this picture!  Dawson looks so stinkin' handsome!  And Brady's pretty cute too.  ;-)

Christmas Parade

Fun times in the Pack 98 Christmas parade floats!!

Breakfast with Santa

What a sweet, fun time at Breakfast with Santa with these two cuties:

Sky Zone

We are thrilled that there is now a Sky Zone in The Woodlands!!  It's such a fun place - wall-to-wall trampolines, a slam dunk area, dodge ball area, and foam pit.  It's amazing!!!