Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Birthday Party

Dawson's birthday party this year was simple and fun - an outing to Chuck E. Cheese with friends.  Thankful that he has such sweet and fun friends to celebrate with.


Brady trying his luck on the games.

Dawson and Seth, friends since forever.

Seth all concentration at Deal or No Deal.

Teddy on the Pirate Wheel.

Ethan getting ready for a game of Monkey Ball.

James, all smiles, as usual.

Ethan & James hoping for a big ticket prize.

Seth can really jump!

Good times with good friends.

Lincoln enjoying video game time.  ;-)

Love those looks of anticipation.

All the boys.
Sweet and silly faces.

Awe, the brothers.  Brady was excited to give Dawson his birthday present, and Dawson was very, very thankful for his thoughtful brother and his good gifts.

Oh, yeah, tabletop hockey!  James gave Dawson a great present!

Laughing at the funny chicken card.

Ben gave Dawson 2 awesome Mario puzzles!!  Dawson loves them!  We complete them, glue them, and hang them up.

Teddy knows what Dawson's passion is this year - Skylanders.

Hehehe!  Love this picture.  Lincoln (far right) gave Dawson the Star Wars lego set.  Ben (2nd from right) and Brady squeezing into the picture.  :-)

Ethan got Dawson a Skylander that he really wanted.  Thanks, Ethan!

Legos from Cameron, hooray!!

The gang, done with present opening and ready for cake!

Singing happy birthday.
And blowing out the 9 candles!!  Wow, I can't believe he's a 9 year old.

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