Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas in Abilene

We had a wonderful Christmas in Abilene with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Lots of fun times and happy memories!
Dawson in front of Gramps' tree, sporting a nifty handmade Santa hat.

Brady's cute, silly pose in front of the tree.

Brady was the youngest kid so he got to go first during the present opening.  He's ready to rip into it!

Dawson eagerly opening one of his gifts.

Awe, a big hug for Gramps, thanking him for cool Lego sets.

Brady showing off some of Dawson's new things - Skylander characters.

Love it!  Dawson's excitement as he opens a present, Brady's eagerness on Dawson's behalf.  Sweet, happy, and thankful boys!

Oh yeah, Despicable Me 2!!!

Playing with the awesome Imaginext dinosaur from Nanny.

The moment all of Dawson's dreams came true - when he got the Skylanders video game starter pack from Gramps.

A very happy guy!

Brady unwrapping a Star Wars light saber from Nanny.

Dawson got one too.  I foresee many light saber battles between these two.

Getting blasted by a fart gun that smells like stinky bananas!  Thank you, Aunt Julie!!  There couldn't have been a more perfect gift from such a fun, crazy aunt!  :-)

Dawson playing with all of his Skylanders figures.  He got tons of them!!

Chance and Bobby building an engine.

The Low brothers - incredible, awesome guys!

Brady conked out on the couch after a fun-filled day.

The boys were ecstatic that they got to play Angry Birds - one on Gramps ipad, the other on his phone.

Playing Angry Birds (the real, non-electronic version) at Nanny's house.

Oh my goodness, how I love them!  Such great kids!!  Posing in front of the prairie dog habitat at one of the parks in Abilene.

Dawson enjoyed climbing the mesquite trees.

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