Thursday, January 2, 2014


An assortment of pictures and videos from Christmas 2013:
Our Christmas Eve tradition is to go look at Christmas lights, come home and take a bath and get into pajamas, and open 1 present from under the tree.  This year, the boys both chose to open a gift that the other had gotten them.

They loved their present from their brother!

Ready for Christmas morning.

Piles and piles of presents!

Dawson's "big" gift - a Star Wars Lego set.

Brady's "big" gift - a castle Lego set.

Brady watching Randy open the gift that he picked out for him - some sort of hammer with various other tools that are stored in / pop out of it.

Hugs for the boys after opening their gifts.

Dawson got Randy a tennis racket so that he can join us on our tennis excursions.

Brotherly love.

Showing Dawson his new Imaginext toys.

Another Skylanders character for Dawson's collection.

And another Lego set for Brady.  He loves them all!

What could it be?

Star Wars Legos!

Another Friends Lego set for Brady.

Happily ripping into another one.

Skylanders sticker book.

The Lego mini figures from Dawson's stocking.

Brady's Lego mini figures.

My favorite of the Christmas pictures.  :-)

Looking at a Skylanders book together.

Randy and Brady

Happy to get the new Monsters University movie.

A Scooby Doo game!  I love Dawson's excited look.

Love that smile!

And that one!  Dawson is such a happy, grateful kid.

Cool knot game.

Randy and Dawson and the tabletop foosball game that they will enjoy playing together.

Another Keurig!!!  This one for the RV so that I can still enjoy amazing coffee when we are camping (yes, I am very spoiled!).

Hahahaha!!  Brady's silly look of awe.

What? Another Lego set? Yes, for our little Lego maniac.

The biggest box for last.

An Imaginext set - Gotham City.

Dawson's big box had a new bedding set - Skylanders, of course.

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