Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lake Livingston Camp Out

We had our first family campout of 2014!  We went to nearby Lake Livingston State Park, which is beautiful with lots of great places to explore.  Unfortunately, we had to cut it short because of an ice storm, but it was fun while it lasted!

The boys going up the observation tower.

At the tippy top.

Looking out at the lake and all that is below.

A distant shot of Randy and Brady out on a dock.

Sitting lakeside with Dawson.

A perfectly wise and safe thing to do - balance on the cement barrier by the water.

Cute Brady.

Enjoying the old school slide.

There were tons of great balancing logs.

Playing around at the camp site.

Bike riding, always a fun thing to do on family campouts.

Cute and silly Brady.

Handsome Dawson.

Our pet squirrel.  They were so friendly and tame!

Hanging out at the frog pond observation area.

Being silly.

Peeking out of one of the windows at the bird watching hut.

Awe, love that smile and that boy!

Sunset over the lake.


And so precious.

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