Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One Awesome Guy

 Everything is more fun with this guy around:


We are blessed to have "THE balloon guy" as part of our homeschool group.  He and his super talented family were prime entertainment during an H2O service outing at The Carriage Inn.  A few of the kids performed for the residents, then passed out handmade Valentine's cards, and then the balloon guy (Joel) made balloons for those that were there (residents and kids).  Brady requested a dragon and was very pleased with the result.

Sweet smile as he shows off his dragon.

Followed by ferocious fire-breathing dragon face!
A picture of the kids with some of the Carriage Inn residents.

Valentine's Day Party

 A few pictures from our homeschool Valentine's party.  I was only able to capture the quieter moments of the party - crafts and such.  There were also lots of games, an enormous feast, and Valentine's card exchange.  These gatherings get bigger and better every year, and as always, I'm grateful for such an amazing homeschool community to share it all with!