Monday, March 3, 2014

Kids Date Day

We had the great joy of having the Brown boys (Seth, Cy, and Amos) over for a long afternoon / evening date day while their parents went on their own date to a friend's wedding.  It was really fun having FIVE boys in our house!!  So thankful that my boys have these boys as friends - they are so kind, funny, and playful.

Brady and Cy playing castle Legos.

Dawson and Seth building an Angry Birds compound.

Amos played hours and hours with the cars.

Of course there was some video game time.

Super Hero Imaginext everywhere.

Pizza for supper makes boys very, very happy.  :-)

Getting cozy for a movie (a short, 30 minute Disney show).

Brady and Amos sitting together for the movie.

And then it was lightsaber time.  ;-)

And costume time because no date day is complete with costumes - weird, crazy costumes such as this.

They are fierce!

Add in a disco ball to complete the fun.

This costume creation was definitely the funniest.

Hehehehe!!!  Fart blaster from Despicable Me 2 provided lots of laughter.

And the night ended with games and snacks.

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