Monday, March 3, 2014

Stephen F. Austin State Park Campout

We had another great family campout at a beautiful Texas state park - this time the Stephen F. Austin State Park.  We enjoyed some time there as a family and then joined our cub scout pack for their winter weekend campout. Our favorite activities on this campout were hiking the beautiful (and abundant) trails, biking through the park, campfires, the many kinds of birds we saw (including falcons and owls), and fun times with friends!

Brady and Dawson ready for a hike.

Peeking through the windows at the nature watch area.

The Garner boys.

Me and my guys.

Down by the Brazos river.

Watching a big line of ants carry various items by.

Examining some other small creature (can't remember exactly what it was).

Dawson was thrilled to find a millipede and several snails.

One of the snails.

Brady's chalk decorated rock.

School time in the RV.

We had lunch in the RV on the first day when it was cold and windy outside.

Campfire time.

Awe, sweet smiley Brady.

And sweet, crazy Brady.

Roasting marshmallows.

Dawson with some of his Bear scout friends, Will and Lincoln.

The Bears at the San Felipe de Austin historic site.  They were the only den to bike the mile or so there, and still beat all those that came in cars.

Answering some questions about Stephen F. Austin.

Taking the pledge that all those who accepted land from the Mexican government had to take.  It was enlightening and kind of funny.

In Stephen F. Austin's cabin, looking at a picture of the original and replica, trying to determine the differences.

Signing their names with a quill pen.

Dawson and Seth peeking out of the cabin window.

Seth and Dawson preparing to go on a bike ride.

Cy and Brady using the croquet sticks at canes, pretending to be old men hobbling about.  Hehehe.

Brady and Cy making Lego creations.

Garner / Brown hike.

Love this picture of Amos and Brady holding hands as they walked along.  Later, they were the speedy runners, leading us all along the trail.

Brady looking out at the river.

Tree climbing.

Seth and Dawson, friends for life!

Seth, Dawson, and Cy - love all these guys!

Brady making his way across the creek bed.

Brady and Cy roasting marshmallows.

My sweet, happy, sweaty camper boys!  :-)

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