Sunday, May 25, 2014

Universal Studios

We had a (somewhat) spontaneous family vacation to Florida.  Randy was already planning to go for some work, then we happened upon some really inexpensive airfare so we decided to extend the trip and make a vacation out of it.  We decided to go to Universal Studios this time (instead of our favorite, Disney World) since we had never been, weren't staying in Orlando long and didn't want to spend an outrageous amount of money.  Universal was fun and neat, but Disney is still the best (it's in a class of it's own - no other amusement park really compares).  As often happens, I wasn't able to properly document our time there with pictures (it's impossible to take pictures on many of the rides - and all the fun we were having distracted me from picture taking).  Here's what I was able to get:


The Lakes Park

While Randy was working, the boys and I explored some fun places in Fort Meyers.  The Lakes Park was incredible!  Beautiful grounds, a nice paved path around the lake, 2 playgrounds, and 2 splashpads.  Much fun was had here!


Castle Golf

Another fun thing we did on Randy's work day was go to Castle Golf.  It was awesome!!!  Our favorite miniature golf course ever!
Hehehe.  :-)

The grounds were just beautiful!

Dawson putting through a little waterfall.

Brady did excellent!  And had lots of fun.

Great shot of the golfing boys with the castle in the background.

Dawson getting ready to put into the mini castle.

The path to the 14th hole was on a boardwalk through some beautiful Florida forestry.

This hole was great!  The boys had to try to get their ball over the moat.

There was an alligator in the boat, ready to chomp on any misplaced golf balls.

Dawson finishing up on the last hole.

Chuck E Cheese

The boys and I had a good time at Chuck E Cheese in Fort Myers:
Brady's favorite game - spinning the pirate wheel!

Dawson playing Monkey Ball

Brady's cute pose for a picture card.

Dawson won a jackpot!
 A short clip of Brady's bizarre (but cute) skee ball method.