Monday, May 12, 2014

Cub Scout Graduation Camp Out

Our scout graduation campout was especially meaningful this year, as Dawson graduated to Webelos (the transition group from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts) and Brady became a Tiger (the youngest cub scout group).  We now have 2 scouts!  :-)
Sweet, handsome, wonderful brothers enjoying a picnic at the campout.

A picnic with some very special friends - the Brown boys!!

Webelos, Dawson & Seth.

Talking about various things related to the Naturalist Activity Badge, which they worked on at the campout.

Dawson petting a baby alligator.

Brady's turn.

Cy and Brady's best fierce face!

Pack 98 Webelos at the Nature Center.

And these 2 cute Tiger Cubs, too.

Helping make a "dump cake" for the Pack dessert cook-off.

Love this!  The boys looking over their books as they await their turn to talk to (aka be quizzed by) the Den Leader about the things they worked on and learned at the campout.

Dawson talking to Georgia - his wonderful and dedicated Den Leader.

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