Monday, May 5, 2014

Sea World!!!

We had 2 fun days at Sea World while we were in San Antonio.  It had been a while since we had been and the boys were older and taller, which meant they could ride more of the rides (and more fully appreciate the shows).  Dawson was tall enough for all of the rides and he loved every minute of riding all the "big rides."  Brady braved a couple of bigger rides, but was mostly happy playing around in the kid area.  We look forward to using our season pass again soon for more Sea World fun!
Very bummed that this picture is blurry - it would have been so cute!  Here it is anyway - 2 handsome boys posing with Shamu at Sea World.

They love this big ropes playground.

Brady climbing through one of the tunnels.

Running down the ropes like a manic!

Brady on one of the fun, just-his-size rides in the kid area.

Starting our adventure on the water rapids.  Dawson was super excited, Brady was uncertain but trying to be brave.

We just so happened to be there when there was a Mathew West concert.  Dawson loved seeing a performance of the songs he often hears on the radio.

Brady was obviously enthralled with the concert.  ;-)

The splash pad is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  They could have stayed here for hours.

All smiles.

Hehehe.  This is so inappropriate, but so funny!  Brady was delighted that he could make it look like he was peeing.

More cute, inappropriateness from Brady.

Another fun area of the splash pad.

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