Sunday, June 15, 2014

Houston Zoo & Other Fun

Great friends make for great days and we had one of those wonderful-memory-making-days in Houston with the Brown's and Weinland's.  We started our morning at the Houston Zoo, then had a picnic while watching the play "Big" at the Miller Outdoor Theater, then it was back to the zoo for more animal sight-seeing and fun at the splash pad.  Afterwards, we went to a great local restaurant for pizza and gelato, and then to the Houston Children's Museum.  It was an action-packed, fun-filled day!
Garner boys (in green) and Brown boys (in red), sitting oldest to youngest.  This is a GREAT group of boys!

Brady, Dawson, & Seth are all smiles.

Cy & Brady's crazy ape faces.

Comparing their hand sizes to those of other primates.

Taking a break with the lemurs.

African drums.

Brady really got into it.

African masks.

Having fun in the huts.

The "big" kids.

Cy and Brady wishing the Chimps would come over to the window.

Good ol' fun with a trash can.

Our nice (hot) picnic spot where we watched the play.

Sweet friends, Dawson and Estelle.

Cy teaching Brady a special handshake.

One sweaty boy.

Trying to cool off with an ice pack.

The Weinland crew!

Dawson mimicking the giant bird behind him.

Estelle in mortal fear of the giant mole rat.  ;-)

Riding a rhino, of course.

The Okapi was very entertaining.

Posing by an orangutan statue, not that you can see it for all the cute kids.

Another awesome kids-take-over-the-statue pose (this one was a giant ladybug).

Love to see these boys being such gentlemen and holding the doors open for others.

Contemplating jumping into the well - either to cool off or grab some coins.

Splash pad!!!

Good buddies, Dawson and Seth.

Dawson, Brady, and Cy.

Such fun guys!

Our group was so large, and Luigi's Pizzeria was so small, that we took the place over! (Except for that guy in the back there, who I'm sure enjoyed all the kids.)

Brady & Cy enjoying some inner city fun, playing with a tire that was left on the sidewalk.

Outside the Houston Children's Museum.

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