Saturday, August 30, 2014

6th Birthday

Brady is 6 years old!!!  For his birthday, he woke up to a special breakfast and lots of presents.  He spent the morning building the new lego sets that he received, went to the doctor for his 6 year check-up, had lunch at Double Daves Pizza, came home and built more legos, played a little bit on the Wii with Dawson, built some more lego sets, had super, got one last surprise present from Randy and me (shockingly, it was a lego set), and watched The Lego Movie for movie night before going to bed.  It was the perfect day for our sweet, adorable six year old boy.
Breakfast ready and waiting for Brady when he woke up - cinnamon muffins, strawberries, orange juice and apple juice in "fancy" plastic cups, and water in his light-up cup.

Good morning, birthday boy!

Ready to open presents!

The first thing he wanted to open was the present from Angie and Kaelin.

It was a cool pirate dig kit!

Next up, was the gift from his big brother.  And oh, how he loved it (look at that face!).

A great big hug of thanks for Dawson.

It was a Star Wars Lego set.

He also loved the Lego Movie Lego set from Gramps.  It was the Lego set he "always wanted."

Opening some Despicable Me games.

Minion Operation and Monopoly.

Opening some Angry Birds building sets.

What?  Another Lego set?  He could never have enough.

Saying a big thank you for all that he received.

Yummy!  Pizza at Double Daves.

All smiles as we sing "happy birthday" to him.

One last surprise birthday gift we gave him at the end of the day - the Lego police station.  He was so excited and appreciative!

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