Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Brady at Track Camp

Track camp was perfect for Brady!  So far, he hasn't shown much interest in joining a big team sport (he's happy on his own or with a few friends - he's not a big group person yet).  But he is a runner!  He's pretty speedy and he has amazing endurance!  So track camp was just right for him.  His good friend Wesley did it with him, which made it even more fun and special!
Here's Brady in action at track camp:
Wesley and Brady doing their runner poses.

Feet work drills.

Getting instructions on leaping through the air for the long jump.

His big leap.

Waiting in line for pole vault.

Pole vaulting (little leap) into the sand pit.

Water break.
Brady and Wesley back for Day 2 of track camp - and still super happy to be there!

Brotherly love.

Goofing off a bit as they waited to start.

Brady finishing up his warm-up lap.

Doing some sprints on the field.

Attempting to learn the C skip.

Jumping jacks, an old favorite.

Speeding down the long jump track.

Shot put throw.

Pole vaulting (being hoisted up) onto the mat.

Having a little break on the pole vault map.

They got to jump around on the mat at the end of the pole vaulting station.

Lining up for the 1 mile competitive run on the last day of track camp.

And they're off!

Brady making his first lap of the mile.

All done.  Both boys got 1st in their age group, and Brady was the next finisher after Dawson.

Lining up for the 400 meter run.

Brady coming down the home stretch (he finished in 2nd place).

A mighty jump.

Enjoying ice pops at the end of the last day.

Brady's 2 awards - 1st place in the 1 mile run, 2nd place in the 400 meter run.

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