Saturday, August 30, 2014

Brady's Lego Party

For Brady's 6th birthday, he went with a Lego theme, of course.  He invited his 2 favorite friends, Wesley and Cy, and all of their sweet siblings.  It was a super fun party for our super special guy!
6 years old!

Randy made these amazing Lego heads.

And Brady made these Lego "creations."

The kids coloring some pants for "Where's My Pants?" Lego guy.

Brady up to toss in the Lego toss game.

Amos doing a fantastic job.

Dawson's turn.

The Brown brothers getting ready to toss some Legos.

Hannah did excellent!

The 3 winners (it was a 3 way tie) of Lego toss: Amos, Dawson, & Hannah.

Love this picture full of smiles!  Brady & Cy tied for 2nd place in the game, and Seth was photo bombing their group shot.

Gathered for a game of Lego bingo.

Building cars for the Lego car race.

Dawson and Seth building their cars.

Everyone is ready to race!

Brady pinned the pants on Where's My Pants Guy like a pro.

He has lots of pant choices now.
Piñata time!

Amos at bat.

Andrew ready to give it a whack.

Wesley's turn.

Cy with a big swing.

Seth trying to bust it open.

Hannah delivered some hard blows.

Dawson hit it with all his might.  In the end, Randy had to bust it open.

And everyone stocked up on candy!

Singing happy birthday to the birthday boy.

Blowing out his SIX candles.  :-)

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