Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dawson at Track Camp

The local high school cross-country and track teams hosted a track camp for kids.  We've heard about it in previous years, but this was our first year to attend.  It was good fun!  Dawson loved it, of course, as he enjoys most athletic ventures and likes to compete against others.  He had a great time learning and practicing some field events, but said that running was his favorite thing and that he liked the running events the most.
Here are some pictures of Dawson's track camp fun:
Dawson and Brady all smiles on the first day as they wait to learn what they will do.

Dawson finishing up his warm-up lap (which he took to more as a competitive lap than a warm-up lap).

Doing some fast feet drills.

Learning where and how to hold the pole for pole vaulting.

Making a big long jump leap.
He was happy to see his friend Jo there.

Warm-up lap on the 2nd day (still leading the charge).

Shot put.

His big pole vault (they were all trying to land on the girl's feet, in which case they would get $1 - no one made it that far).

Lining up for a 400 meter run.

Love the expression on his face as he pushes toward the finish line.

Finishing up a 1 mile run through the woods.

Dawson and Brady ready for competitions on the last day.

Lining up for the 1 mile race.

Dawson looking good on his 1st lap (it was a double lap through the woods).

Finishing strong.

1st place in his age group (3rd overall).

Long jump.

He also got 1st place in shot put.

Ready to race in the 400 meters.

Coming around the 1st curve (he finished the race in 2nd place).

Racing in the 100 yard dash (he placed 2nd).

Dawson's awards: 1st place in the 1 mile, 1st place in shot put, 2nd place in the 400 meter, 2nd place in the 100 dash.

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