Saturday, August 30, 2014

San Luis Hotel

 We love when Randy teaches at a conference at the San Luis Hotel and we get to tag along a make a family vacation of it.  In fact, Brady's request for his birthday was that we could stay at "that parrot hotel" again (he's very fond of the talking macaw in the lobby).
Here are some pictures from our time at the San Luis:
Sweet smiles in front of Phydias' cage.

Phydias, the talking macaw.

The boys even got a picture with Phydias out of the cage.

One of the pools at the San Luis - this one has a slide, a waterfall, and a cave.

Brady with a palm leaf hat.

Dawson with the palm leaf hat.

Lounging and drying off a bit before going inside.

A fun kid's sack race.

Brady's balloon sword (and his fierce face).

Dawson had the face painter paint a dragon on his arm.

Iron Man balloon.

Captain America shield.

Pillow fort on the bed from which to watch for lightning (there was a big storm the last day we were there and the boys enjoyed watching the lightening over the water).

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