Friday, October 3, 2014

Pack Meeting

We had our first Pack Meeting of the new scout year!  Dawson's Webelos group led the flag ceremony (Dawson felt very privileged to be responsible for the American flag), Brady's Tiger group performed a fun and extremely cute song (they used the Lego Movie song "Everything is Awesome," but changed the lyrics to apply to cub scout - "Cub Scouts are Awesome"), Brady was awarded his Bobcat Badge, and both boys received lots of awards that they earned over the summer and early this scouting year.  It was a fun and special evening!
Lincoln, Dawson, and Seth ready with their flags.

Love this one - Dawson looking very handsome and reverent in his uniform as he salutes the flag.

A cute bunch of Tigers!

Brady receiving his National Summertime Award.

My handsome Tiger Cub with his brand new Bobcat Badge.

Tigers singing "Cub Scouts are Awesome."

Dawson getting his slew of awards.  He's a motivated, hard-working boy so he always gets lots of awards.

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