Saturday, December 27, 2014

Scout Camp Out

Dawson and Brady had a great time at the Pack 98 fall district campout (I only have pictures of Dawson because I was him, while Randy tagged along with Brady to all of his stations).  This was their last time at the beautiful grounds of Camp Strake, which the BSA recently sold.  There were lots of great planned activities at the campout - they learned about campfire building and fire safety (courtesy of Smokey the Bear, who made an appearance), practiced map and compass skills, did some BB gun shooting, had fun with field games, completed a nature scavenger hunt, and did a craft.  They also had a blast running around playing and exploring with their friends.  Here are the few pictures that I managed:
Thomas, Dawson, and Seth - now Webelos!

The Webelos group with Smokey the Bear.

Seth & Dawson pose for a picture.


Egg on a spoon relay.

Playing at the campsite with friends.

The leather bracelet that Dawson made.

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