Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Kratt Brothers

Most people aren't aware of this, and I wouldn't be either if I didn't have 2 boys, but there is this great show on PBS called Wild Kratts.  It's 2 brothers that explore all kinds places to learn about the animals that live there - and thanks to their specially made suits they can take on the "creature powers" of the animals they are studying.  My boys love the show (Randy and I love the show) and have learned so many animal facts.  When it was time to pick a Halloween costume, they wanted to be the Kratt brothers.  Unfortunately, finding a Wild Kratts costume is not so easy so I had to make them myself, which was terrible because I am not crafty in that way - but I managed to make something that somewhat resembled the Kratt brothers costumes and it mostly held up for our Halloween fun.
Brady and Dawson as Kris and Martin Kratt - the Kratt brothers!

My cute little animal scientists.

It's a giant dragonfly!!!!

And Dawson has a monkey in a tree on his head.  Hehehe!

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