Tuesday, April 7, 2015

6 1/2 Mile Hike

The boys have long wanted to hike around the BIG trail at the Huntsville State Park that goes through the woods and all the way around the lake.  We finally took the time to do it!  And it was a great family outing.  Dawson hiked like a champ, as expected.  Randy also had him tying knots, identifying various plants, and orienteering with a compass while he hiked.  Brady was amazing!  He insisted on hiking the entire trail on his own 2 legs and refused any offer by me to give him a piggyback ride.  He mostly ran the first 2 miles, which was adorable and fun - pretending the roots were obstacles that he had to jump over.  Overall, it was a beautiful and memorable family hike, and both boys feel a great sense of accomplishment after completing it.
All smiles and excitement before we head out.

AWE!  The Garner boys.

Brady loved running and jumping over all the roots.

Waiting for Randy and Dawson to catch up.

Me and my trail running buddy.

King of the fallen log!

Enjoy the lake view.

I love brother togetherness pictures.  :-)

There were a few big puddles we had to make our way around.

A great spot to sit for a little break.

Dawson took this picture of Brady and me.

Made it to 6 miles!  Almost done.

They were so happy to have completed the hike and so tired that they jumped in the car before I could get a proper "after" shot.  So here is our very unexciting post-hike picture.

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