Friday, July 10, 2015

Abilene Trip

Once again, we kicked off summer with a week in Abilene.  We enjoyed spending time with family, going to lots of local kid-friendly fun places, and Dawson had a good week of basketball camp at ACU.

Here are a few pictures that highlight our trip:

Brady reading to Gramps.

Brady was very happy that Nanny had puzzles that he could work on and complete.

Cousins at the pool. The water was freezing!!!

Dawson doing a cannonball off the high dive.

Brady being cute and silly, as usual.

:-) A teeny tiny Brady eye peeking out of the towel.

Ready for some mini golf at Prime Time.


Down the big slide!!!

Brady won 500 tickets.  He was so excited!

Brothers on bumper cars - what could be more fun?

We ALWAYS go to the Abilene Zoo.  It is small, but so great.

Brady locked at the playground jail.

Making it across the ropes.

Dawson doing the bars like a ninja warrior.

Gramps and Grandy got this fun waterslide and pool just for grandkids!  So nice and so much fun!!

Dawson going head first.

Brady making a big splash.

Just taking it easy in pool.

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