Friday, July 10, 2015


We spent the 4th of July in Missoula and were able to do a few small fireworks with Thompsons (it was really dry there and there was a burn ban so we had to stick to the smaller, doesn't-fly-up-into-the-air variety) and then go up on the hill by their house and watch the fireworks over Missoula.  It was a perfect night!

Kaelin and Dawson ready to do some fireworks.
Sparklers! Which also function as wands, if you are into Harry Potter like these 2 are.  :-)

"Writing" with their sparklers.

Colorful smoke bombs.

Even longer sparklers.  Hehe.

Watching the black "snake" enlarge.

Sword sparklers - what every kid needs.

Brady looking very stoic with his sword.

Watching the sunset over Missoula as we wait for fireworks (which don't occur until 10:30 there because it stays light for so long!!).

Cute (and maybe a bit tired) kids.

These guys have been 4th of July buddies for so many years!  It was great to celebrate together again.

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