Saturday, July 11, 2015

Grizzly Discovery Center

We stayed in West Yellowstone, Montana, the nearest city to Yellowston N.P.  It was a sweet little town and we enjoyed it very much.  While there, we visited the Grizzly Discovery Center, which is the home to several (8) grizzly bears that were taken from the wild because they were encroaching into areas populated by people, as well as a few (4) wolves, and several birds of prey.  It is a neat place with great habitats for the animals and programs that educate the public about them. 

They have a "Junior Keepers" program for the kids - they talk to them about grizzly bears, why the bears are there, all that they do for the bears, and then they take them into the habitat (after the bears have been taken out, of course) and let them hide food for the bears.  They tell them to try to hide it well so that they bears have to smell and explore and work to get the food. Then they get the kids out, let the bears back in, and everyone enjoys watching the bears hunt for their food.

The boys posing by the bear carvings outside the center.

Giant grizzly bears! They were so active and playful while we were there.

Another grizzly.

These two bears were playing in the water together, which was really fun to watch.

A pair of wolves.

This wolf found some food that was hidden for him and is chowing down.

The kids in the habitat getting instructions on what to do.

Dawson and a couple of other kids worked together. First they piled all their food together, then hauled over several very large, heavy stones and piled them on top.

Then piled lots of big logs on top.

Made a tee-pee shape with their logs.

The bear smelled the food under there, and with hardly a swipe of his paw, knocked over the logs, easily turned over the stones, and ate the food.

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