Saturday, July 11, 2015

Missoula Fun

Everyone agrees that the best part of our vacation was Missoula - and it's because we were there with our sweet friends. 

Dawson and Kaelin playing at the river.


Brady enthralled with the little waterfall.

Lunch together.

Love this one - Dawson and Kaelin walking side-by-side, and Brady running to catch up to them.

Brady on the beautiful historic carousel.

Dawson got one of the outer horses so that he could reach up and grab rings from the dragons mouth as he passed by (the one who grabs the golden ring gets a free ride).

Kaelin reaching for a ring.

We loved the old-school park with the merry-go-round!!

Zipping by blurrily. :-)

Dawson climbing on the bars.

Up high with a beautiful blue Missoula sky in the background.

Resting after a climb up the hill.

We would often find all 3 of them clustered together on Kaelin's bed.

Climbing "the M."

Stopping for a brief rest on the way up. They are so cute!

Looking down on Missoula.

At the top of the M!

Movie time.

Brady loved this mini waterslide at the Splash Montana waterpark.

And this fountain of water.

And these pipe squirters. He loved it all!

Kaelin and Dawson in the lazy river.

Kaelin and Dawson coming down the waterslide!

Going across what they called "the ropes course." :-)

Riding in the back of the truck on our way to put the boat in the river.

Another adorable sweet friends picture.

Brady getting in there.

Pulling the train bell.

Brady's turn.

At Fort Missoula.

Dawson & Kaelin on the old trolley.

Sitting in what was the smoking room of the trolley.

At the one room schoolhouse.  It was so neat!

Kaelin signing the guestbook.

Dawson signing it.

Movie night!!

Water gun fun.

Love this one - spraying each other through the sprinkler.

Brady cooling off in the sprinkler.

Making it rain with his water gun.

So fierce and so cute!

Warming up in the sun.

Popsicle time.
Three friends in a tree.

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