Friday, July 10, 2015

River Rafting

The highlight of our time in Missoula was our rafting trip down the Blackfoot River. It was beautiful and fun and sweet and we are so thankful to Steve for taking us all out!

Kaelin and Dawson hanging out in the river as Steve got the boat ready.

Three amigos.

Handsome river boys.

The cutest smile ever!

Brady jumped overboard!!  He wanted to get in and swim like the older kids and did so holding onto the side of the boat.

Kaelin and Dawson swimming along beside the boat as we floated down the river.

Dawson riding "the bull" (the front of the boat).

Floating down with the current.

Randy took a turn rowing the raft.

Love this picture of them leaning together and talking and enjoying the river. Sweet friends!


Drying off and warming up after their swim in the river.

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