Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tire Shop

We had one really bad day on our trip - the day we had repeated tire issues with the RV.  It started in New Mexico when everything started vibrating because of the tires.  We stopped at a tire shop in Trinidad, CO (just over the border) where they showed us how the front inside tires were extremely worn on the inside, causing the vibration.  So we sat around there for 2 hours while they put on 2 new front tires and said the others looked fine. A mere 30 miles from town, as we were driving down the interstate, there was a loud burst as one of the rear tires blew out (it was very loud and very scary). We had to wait on the shoulder of the interstate for an hour and a half for someone to come and put the spare tire on.  Then we drove another hour to the next decent sized town and waited in another tire shop for 3 hours (!!!) to get 2 new rear tires put on and the spare tire returned to its location. It was a scary, frustrating, exhausting day.  Thankfully we remained safe and the rest and didn't have any other mechanical issues for the rest of the trip.

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