Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015!!!!

It was another wonderful Christmas for the Garner Family!!  Lots of gifts, lots of yummy food, lots of time playing together, lots of smiles, lots of hugs, lots of gratitude.  The only thing that could have made it better would have been if we were all healthy.  We'll certainly remember this Christmas as the one when we were all sick (except for Dawson, who somehow escaped the dreaded and long-lasting cold of 2015).  

Merry Christmas!

Dawson's big "Santa" gifts.

Brady's "Santa" gifts.

Brady on The Green Machine!!

Breakfast time.

Ready to open some presents!!  The first one he wanted to open was the one from his brother.  Dawson tricked him by putting a couple of boxes of mac and cheese in the box so that it sounded like Legos (which it was not).  Hehehe.

Dawson opening his gift from Brady.  It was in a box with a some underwear - Brady's little trick.  But then he noticed the "real" gift.

Shocking - they got each other a video game.  Splatoon (video game paintball) for Dawson and Minecraft for Brady.

Another brother present.

Love it!  So cute and sweet and happy!!

Dawson trying Brady's Green Machine.  It is SO FUN!

Lightsabers, of course.

Brady's menacing pose.

Oh yeah, a puzzle ball!!  These things are great!

Look at those smiles.  They love everything.  It's so fun to get gifts for such excited and thankful boys.

Gert under the tree.  :-)

See how interested and happy Brady is when his brother opens a present.  It's like that for every single one.

Awesome Lego things - a Lego book for Brady and a Lego set for Dawson.

That face!!!  :-)

Minions for out little minion!

It's a big one.

A big Lego set (50% off at the Lego store on Black Friday - score!).

The last Christmas present (which we opened at about 4:00 pm - we like to spread them out over the day to prolong the fun and excitement).

A big giant Ultra Agents Lego set.

Brady's last present.

The Lego Scooby Doo Mansion.  :-)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Handsome Boys


Erin and Nanny
Me and Nanny

Nanny and the great-grandkids
Daddy, Nanny, me, and Elizabeth (with photo-bomber Caselyn down below)


Brady, Dawson, and Caselyn - they are all SO CUTE!

All 4 cousins together!

We had to have a silly glasses pose.  Thanks, Aunt Julie!
All of the grandkids with their Nanny.
Brady entertaining Caselyn with some silly tale. Love the sweetness!

Present Time at Gramps

The boys were spoiled again with lots of great gifts from their family. They were very excited and extremely thankful for all that they received.