Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Jedi Birthday

Brady had been looking forward to turning 8 so that he could watch the Star Wars movie, so this birthday was all about the Jedi!  :-)

Birthday morning presents.

I had to include this picture just for the cute, disheveled, just-out-of-bed look.

And this one for the sweet brother hug.

Brady loves these puzzle balls!!!

And no birthday is complete without new Legos!

Building Legos with Gramps.

Opening more presents!

I don't remember what they were giggling about, but it's sure a cute picture!

Super cool R2-D2 water bottle!

And an awesome new Star Wars Lego book.

The Lego set he wanted most of all.

All the birthday loot!
A new Lego set completed.


Silly smile.

Sweet smile.

Star Wars movie night!

Such good looking Jedi!

Love it!  The shirt, the cute boys, all of it!

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