Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Birthday Party Fun

Dawson had a great 11th birthday party, thanks to a few very special friends.  His birthday request is always a sleepover.  His friends came over on Sunday afternoon - they played outside a bit, then we went to the park to play football and have Nerf wars.  After that, it was back home for pizza, cake, and video games.  On Monday, we headed to The Woodlands for an awesome time at Sky Zone, then a picnic and more play at Candy Cane Park.  We ended the day with a trip to the Huntsville Theater to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Everything was such fun and the boys were wonderful.  We're extremely thankful that Dawson has such fun, silly, thoughtful, and kind friends.

Big wheel races! Seth and Thomas were up first.

Then Seth and Dawson.

Brady winning with his 2 feet.  :-)

Football time!

Looks like a great play.  ;-)

Ready for Nerf wars.

The open spaces and trees around the park made for great Nerf battles.

The 4 friends.

Pizza time!

Blowing out his 11 candles.

Heading over to the playground at Candy Cane Park.

Seth a little dizzy after some major spinning.

Dawson too.

Ethan and Thomas.

Seth and Dawson.

Hehehe!  Brady hanging onto the spinning mushroom!

Dragonfly see-saw (and a photo bombing Brady).

Just hanging out on a giant spider.

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