Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Crossing Over to Boy Scouts

 We now have a BOY SCOUT in the house!  Dawson crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts at a very nice and meaningful Crossover Ceremony that Randy helped to orchestrate.  

Talking to Dawson about all of his Cub Scout accomplishments, how proud we are of him, and all that he has to look forward to in Boy Scouts.

Opening his new Boy Scout Handbook.

And the highlight gift - a homemade quilt with all of his Cub Scout patches, made by our wonderful and talented friend Aimee.


Arrow display holders made by the Boy Scout troop leader of Troop 98, Dawson's new scout home.

It looks great!

Dawson was very happy to receive it.

The Minion Patrol!!!  Such a great group of boys.

Crossover cake.

Boy Scout cookies.

Now we have one Cub Scout and one Boy Scout.

The new Boy Scout!

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