Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dawson's Birthday

Celebrating Dawson's 11th (oh my gosh!) birthday:

A new bow & arrow from his dad.

Yes, that's a machete.  What every boy needs, right?  ;-)

Hugs for Brady, thanking him for his gift.

Dawson's breakfast request was cherry sprinkle doughnuts from Shipley's.  Brady was a big fan too!  :-)

Looking at a new boardgame.  I love that my kids are genuinely thankful for all that they get and take the time to look at and appreciate each thing.

The video game loot.

Dawson wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese for his bday lunch.  The boys enjoyed this new play area.

Brady practically went all the way around the spinning wheel.

Opening another gift (I love how intrigued Brady is and then how happy he is for his brother and his new present).

A Star Wars Lego set!

One of his favorite birthday presents - football cards.

Cake is always a nice end to the day.  Dawson's request this year was pumpkin spice cake - yum!

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